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Nepahwin Lake Watershed


Working towards our vision of a healthy aquatic ecosystem supporting - and supported by the people of Nepahwin Lake Watershed.

Nepahwin News

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Secchi Depth (Water Clarity)

Secchi depth readings are a measurement of water clarity; the depth at which a specialized tool (Secchi Disk) disappears to the naked eye. Readings are taken by NLWSG volunteers on a bi-weekly basis in order to track changes in water clarity.


For more information on how and why we take these measurements, visit our Lake Partner Program page.

What the


Nepahwin Sampling Sites.png

Nepahwin Lake Sampling Sites


Secchi Disk & Measurement Technique


We are always looking for keen and curious folks to add to the collection of data in, on and around Nepahwin. We have lots of exciting projects in the works, so let us know if we can call on you when the time comes!

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