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The health of our lake has taken a big hit in recent years. Invasive species have spread at at alarming rate, water clarity as seen a steep decline and algae blooms have become common place. This is a running list of the problems that plague us;
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Spare the Salt

Tired of algae blooms? Spare the salt. The Canadian Water Quality Guideline for chloride to protect aquatic life is 120 mg/L. Chloride levels in un-impacted Canadian Shield Lakes are 1-7 mg/L. Nepahwin Lake Chloride Level in 2020: 169.7 mg/L.

The Problem With Phosphorus

The Provincial Water Quality Objective for phosphorus is <20 ug/L. 

The 2020 Nepahwin Lake Phosphorus Level is: 19.2 ug/L.

Eurasian Water-Milfoil

What it is, why it's a problem and what can be done.

Blue-Green Algae

What it is, why it's a problem and what can be done.

Spiny Water Fleas

What they are, why they're a problem and what can be done.

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