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The Dale Crew

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Gratitude for the abundance of outdoor opportunity that Lake Nepahwin provides, here in the south end corner of Greater Sudbury, was definitely the theme for The Dalecrew as the W.H.O. called a global pandemic in March 2020.

The Dalecrew is made up of Rookies Davie, Grady and Gracie Dale, in ascending height and age and is lead by the veterans Tara and Andrew - aka The Mom/The Dad.

With hockey season abruptly ended and isolation and social distancing the new norm in March 2020, the Dalecrew made the best of it innovating new sport combinations like “snowshoe soccer”, “ski baseball” and our favourite “ski-venger hunts” with adventurous neighbours.   

As the saunas and ice holes made way for boats, water-skis, paddling, swimming and rowing the summer, the change of season now has the Dalecrew setting its sights squarely on the lake top ice sheet this winter!

Sentiments from the Dalecrew include “Get out and enjoy what Nepahwin offers all year round. Embrace the Seasons and respect them as they change. Bundle up, warm layers and remember, wait for 10cm of ice to enjoy your backyard rink safely!”

- Andrew Dale

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